GCAwards | Nominations

We look forward to announcing the winners at the Gala!


Nominations can be submitted for either an individual or an organization. You can review the Individual and Corporate award categories HERE.


  • Only completed initiatives undertaken within the past five years should be included in your submission
  • Electronic copies of backup documentation can be included to support your submission (e.g. certificates of completion, articles, etc.).
  • We will not accept video submissions
  • Nominations must be submitted via the on-line process.
  • Nominations are due before Midnight on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.  Once you complete the online nomination process, you will receive a confirmation email that your nomination has been received.  Please notify Sharon Chester [email protected] if you do not receive the confirmation email.
  • The Nominee will receive an email notifying them they have been nominated for a CanSIA Game Changer award.  They will complete the Qualification Submission for their nomination via a link within the email and will receive confirmation once we've received their submission.  Please notify Sharon Chester [email protected] if you do not receive the confirmation email.
  • Qualification Submissions (completed by the nominee) must be submitted via the online process before Midnight on Thursday, March 31, 2016
  • Candidates must achieve a minimum of 70 points to be considered for an award.
  • Please note that all nominees are expected to attend the Gala taking place May 16th in Niagara Falls, Ontario in conjunction with the Solar Ontario Conference. Winners will NOT notified in advance.  (You can register for the Gala HERE.)
  • Nominations are confidential; we do not disclose to the nominee, who submitted their nomination.

The Nominator will be asked to provide information regarding:

  • The award category to be considered for the nominee
  • The reason for their nomination 

Once nominated, the nominee will be required to answer the following qualification questions:

Individual Awards

  1. Mission: Describe the compelling need or organization challenge that you addressed.  To what important purpose have you directed your significant leadership abilities? 15/100 points
  2. Vision: Describe a instance(s) where you looked beyond short-term gain to the longer term health and growth of the industry.  In what way(s) have you acted and inspired others to think and act in the long-term interests of the industry? 15/100 points
  3. Photos/logo:  A headshot must be included if the nomination is for an individual or a logo must be included if the nomination is for a corporate award.  If your submission highlights a project, an illustrative photo should be included.
  4. Results: Describe the extent to which you achieved the desired outcomes and produced measurable results.  Has your leadership inspired focused action and tangible results? 20/100 points
  5. Collaboration: Extent to which your vision was formed and implemented through the engagement of partners or stakeholders; use of non-traditional fiscal or community resources (grants, sponsorships, foundations, volunteers); and the communications effort to inform the community, policy makers, or partners.  Are you a collaborative leader who values input, creates buy-in and leverages synergies?  Please attach any reference letters from your superior(s) or peer(s) to justify your efforts.  15/100 points
  6. Value: Extent to which your actions provided a substantial community benefit, improved operational efficiencies or resulted in noticeable positive change or significantly advanced the provision of solar related activity.  Have your actions resulted in the adoption of solar or the recognition of the benefits of solar? 15/100 points
  7. Additional Information: Please describe any additional factors not included in the above that would strengthen your submission. 20/100 points

Corporate Awards

  1. Summary: Set out a brief synopsis of the initiative (i.e. project, technology, service).  This summary may be used during the event promotion.
  2. Photos/logo:  A headshot must be included if the nomination is for an individual or a logo must be included if the nomination is for a corporate award.  If your submission highlights a project, an illustrative photo should be included.
  3. Description: Please provide as much detail as you can to describe the initiative.  Simply provide a description of the project, technology, service, etc being considered.  Do not address here how it was done or what it achieved.
  4. Innovative Approach: Please describe which kind of innovation and creative approach that was used to achieve outstanding results.  In what way has the initiative pushed the envelope of current norms, traditional results and standard approaches?  20/100 points
  5. Corporate Responsibility: Highlight the manner in which the initiative was designed, executed and communicated to expressly promote the importance and benefits of solar energy while achieving business objectives.  Explain the ways and manners by which this initiative was undertaken with the intent of demonstrating true corporate responsibility. 20/100 points
  6. Economic Benefit: Highlight the benefits, with a sense of financial benefit, cost savings, emission reductions or other directly attributable benefits of the initiative.  Did this initiative deliver or exceed anticipated value, results and returns?  If you include confidential and commercially sensitive information, it will be treated as such.  Please ensure you note the following - do not publicize. 25/100 points
  7. Client Centric Approach: Describe the ethical approach and critical thinking that was employed in executing the initiative.  Provide example(s) if possible.  Did the process result in outstanding results for the client? 15/100 points
  8. Engagement: In what way(s) did the nominee undergo meaningful stakeholder/customer engagement and how has it been incorporated into the design and execution of the initiative?  Demonstrate how the proponent listened to its audience and acted on the advice.  20/100 points

Please contact Sharon Chester [email protected] with any questions.